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Member benefits:

  • Increasing reliability - standardisation of well equipment is critical for ensuring production reliability through improvement of testing and design of equipment and processes to minimise exposure and risk while assisting in optimising well performance
  • Cutting costs - standardisation of testing procedures and methodologies ensures that service companies, vendors and research institutes don't waste time and money re-testing equipment to match varying requirements
  • Fast-tracked standard development - on average it takes four years to complete a standard with AWES compared to 10-14 years through API (according to the references from some of our existing members)
  • Fast-tracked API certification - on average it takes just two years to API certify an AWES recommended practice
  • Collaboration and networking - opportunities to collaborate on the development of standards that are important for your business without having to wait for API/other certification bodies to decide whether to develop a standard or not
  • Managed discussion environment - opportunities to have constructive discussions in a relaxed environment managed by a qualified project manager
  • Tangible deliverables against set deadlines - schedules in place for each work group and the JIP itself to ensure that all documents are published within 2-2.5 years 

During the last membership period AWES:

  • Completed and published the OHZI (Open Hole Zonal Isolation) standard; this is currently undergoing API certification
  • Completed and published the CCL TEC (Tube Encased Cable) document; due to undergo API certification during 2016
  • Completed and published the DIG (Downhole Instrumentation Group) Standard
  • Completed and published the CCL TEF (Tube Encased Fibre) standard
  • Made good progress with ICD (Inflow Control Devices) document
  • Kicked off the ICV (Interval Control Valves) working group
  • Kicked off the CLFP (Control Lines & Flat Packs) working group
  • Kicked off the PIIWDC (Permanently Installed In-Well Drymate Connectors) working group